To our new students:

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences!

Let me congratulate you on your success: after overcoming the challenges of high school and entrance exams, you are now part of the dynamic  community of young people continuing their education in our Faculty.

It is a privilege to be able to study at university, and being a Çankaya University student is a special privilege. If you make the most of your time here and take advantage of the opportunities available to you, this will be a truly life-changing experience. This is your chance to develop your personality and your abilities to their full potential: you will acquire new knowledge in your field, experience new ideas and ways of thinking, learn to organize your thoughts and feelings in logical ways, and also, through your extracurricular activities and relationships, develop your cultural knowledge and social skills—all the things that will prepare you to enjoy a happy and productive career and life.

Now that you are here, you have two options. We hope you do not choose the first one, which we do not recommend: letting the days, months and years go by and wasting your time! The second option is what we hope you will choose, and which we encourage you to pursue: that you will take advantage of this time as an opportunity to live and to learn, and to discover all your hidden potential and rise to it.

As you begin your studies here, the teaching staff of the Faculty are determined to follow your development very closely, to help you become an active participant in a community of learning, and to guide you towards fulfilling your needs. What we need and expect from you are a few simple but important commitments:

  • Come to class, participate actively, and ask questions. We respect your thoughts, and want to hear from you.
  • Think, question, find out more, be curious about things, and be open to new and different  ideas.
  • Understand the importance of always learning more, and realize it in your own life.
  • Be aware of your own weaknesses, and find ways to develop them and turn them into strengths.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities. Being a university student means opening up a different view of the world, and you can enrich your educational experience outside the classroom through reading books, attending artistic and cultural events such as movies, theater performances and concerts, and taking part in sports or other social activities.

You have endless potential, and a world of possibilities ahead of you: seize the moment you are experiencing, because once it has passed, it will be gone for good; this is your opportunity to capture every moment of your life. Don’t forget that wise people always see themselves as students, so that for them, all of life is a learning process. In the end  it isn’t the result, but the process that matters: life is an adventure, a journey of discovery, and it always takes us to new places as we explore new paths. When we live it we learn, and what we learn is how to live: in this journey, the most important point that we will reach and discover is ourselves.

At the beginning of this new stage of your lives, we hope you are ready to start learning, make new decisions, and do great things. If we choose to work and succeed we can achieve this goal together. We are delighted to welcome you to Cankaya, and warmly wish you all a happy, healthy  and successful educational and personal experence in our Faculty.

Prof. Dr. Buket Akkoyunlu
Dean of the Faculty